Best Practices

Adarsh College, Rajdhanwar was established with the vision of providing quality education at an affordable cost to the students of rural area especially the students coming from the weaker and marginalized section of the society. To achieve the motto of the institution-“Learning leads to excellence” the college has gone through various transformation over the years without compromising on the quality of the education.

                 In the words of Mahatma Gandhi “Literacy in itself is no education. Literacy is not the end of education or even the beginning. By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man body, mind body and spirit.” Keeping in view the above statement teaching in the college is not only limited to academic curriculum but it also emphasizes that student become self-reliant and confident in this era of globalization.

                 Being the only college in Rajdhanwar we have also played a great role in gender inclusivity. The women of the surrounding villages who earlier could not get quality higher education have enrolled themselves both in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The enrollment of the women students has seen a rapid increase in past few years. In line with “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” campaign of the central government we aim to achieve gender equality and remove all biases and discriminations.

               The institution also spreads awareness among the students related to environmental degradation and sustainable living practices. We have created a waste management cell, sustainability and green campus cell and energy conservation cell. These cells help in conveying the message to the students to practice sustainable living and generate minimum amount of end waste.

               We also take the security of the students especially women students very seriously. Gender equity promoting cell has been created to deal with the cases of sexual harassment in a time bound manner and providing support service to the victim. The grievance redressal cell looks into any grievance lodged by the student without any bias. On the basis of judgement of the honorable Supreme Court of India, anti ragging cell has been constituted. It makes the student aware about the ill effects of ragging and keeps a continuous watch over these unfortunate incidents.

                Apart from providing education in undergraduate and postgraduate courses we also aim to help the students get a placement and become self-reliant. The dedicated placement cell helps in creating awareness among the student regarding the various carrier options and the demand of the job market. The students are encouraged to do various certification courses which will help them to gain an edge over other candidates. Various seminars, internship opportunity are provided to the students to help them better understand the job market. With the advent of new technologies it has become imperative that students should be well versed in ICT tools. The college has a dedicated lab facility for the students to enhance their computer knowledge and know about the various projects and research which are being currently undertaken in different fields. We also took proactive steps during the COVID pandemic that the students academics are not hindered .Various classes were organized on the different online platform to help the students not only in their academics but also make them aware about the importance of mental health.

To excel in this multidimensional world discipline and leadership quality is a very important aspect. Sports provide a great platform to develop one’s character and instill leadership qualities. Various sports competitions are organized in the college which helps the student to understand the value of team work as well as to keep their mind and body in a great shape .We also believe in giving back to the society and as a result blood donation camp and charity event are organized regularly.

Adarsh college is an epitome of how a quality educational institute can change the face of rural India.

With it’s innovative techniques and ability to transform itself over the years it has always adapted to the needs and demand of this rapidly evolving world. The qualities like confidence, humility and self esteem ingrained in our students during the college days will always inspire them to strive towards their goals and dreams .It is a proud legacy of the institution that we have not only produced good students but also good citizens of this great country.